Austin Wastewater Treatment Facility - Trickling Filter


Austin, MN

The $10.4 million dollar trickling filter structure and pump station is designed to remove ammonia from industrial wastewater.  The structural concrete requirements called for Joseph to place 11,000 cubic yards of concrete and 640 tons of rebar.  By self-performing over 50% of the work, Joseph controlled quality and beat the contract schedule.

The trickling filter building has (6) 80’ x 80’ concrete chambers that contain over 6,500 filter media blocks (2’ x 2’ x 4’) in each chamber.  Joseph also built a large pump station adjacent to the trickling filter for grit screening and housing (4) large centrifugal pumps.

Joseph poured approximately 11,000 cubic yards of concrete, and given the complexity of the project, I cannot believe how smoothly it went.  All project schedules were met.
- Jon Erichson, Austin City Engineer