B&J Bar and Grill - South Central Athlete


Austin, MN

In 2006, an unprecedented example of collaboration between the City of Austin and a non-profit group called the Austin Main Street Project, created and implemented a plan to restore the historical landmarks in the downtown area.  The project involved financing from the City as well as a grant to subsidize construction of the storefronts to help beautify the downtown landscape and also make it more feasible for private investment.  The Joseph Company was called in to transform two 100-year-old structures into a new bar / grill and retail store.  Using photographs of these structures from the early 1900’s and paying attention to the fine details requested by the owners, Joseph designed and built the B&J Bar and Grill and the South Central Athlete store on time and under budget.  The total value of construction was $750,000.  Before and after pictures speak for themselves.