St. Augustine's Catholic Church - Austin


Austin, MN

For Joseph, this project is one that goes beyond business. Built in 1896, the beautiful St. Augustine's Church is a place where many Austin families have grown up and worshiped for their entire lives, including the the 3 generations of  Wagners of the Joseph Company. Having attended mass for so many Sundays of our lives, the opportunity to lead the transformation of this sacred space was an honor and privilege.

The scope of the project consisted of significant HVAC and structural  improvements in addition to the refinishing and repainting of the entire church. At first this might sound pretty simple, but with one step into the church and a glance at the 44' vaulted ceiling, you might think differently. For months the church was filled with a metal skeleton of scaffolding so that artists could reach each and every contour of the 123 year old ceiling. Now painted the color of "heavenly blue" and adorned with shimmering gold leaf, it is impossible for one to enter the church without immediately looking up and feeling closer to God.

For more information on St. Augustine's Church and the details of its restoration, feel free to click the link below for an article written by the Austin Daily Herald.